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This is the place to buy better priced, better quality and quickly delivered fibre'n'clay pots and planters in the UK.

We sell sets and deliver on pallets. Order by 10am for same day dispatch and next day delivery.

Call us on 0208 123 0557

Fibre'n'clay pots from

Fpots supplies high quality fibre'n'clay pots, fibre clay planters, water features, garden ornaments to customers in the UK. Our prices are very competitive. In fact we are sure that you won't find equivalent pots for a better price. We sell our pots in sets, and ship them on pallets. This means your get the best value for money and that your fibreclay pots will not get damaged in transit. Fibre'n'clay is the latest environmentally friendly process that uses a fraction of the energy to produce compared to traditional processes. A composite of clay, fibreglass and magnesia which is much stronger than conventional terracotta or clay pots. It is also cheaper than polyresin or fibreglass. The final effect is a natural looking pot that ages beautifully in the outdoor environment.

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Pallet Delivery

Whatever you buy, we deliver it on a pallet. We charge this at cost and haven't baked it in to the price of the pots. It is £48 per pallet and you can get up to 10 sets of 4 pots on each pallet.


Buying for resale or in bulk? If you are buying more than 10 sets at a time, see our trade prices
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You will soon be able to mix and match single items from our clearance page coming soon!

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